In Memory of Cosimo Galasso


Name: Cosimo Galasso
Spouse: Somsawat Galasso
Children: Danshim Sara, Amos, Alma
Birth Date: January 15, 1962
Blessing Date: 1989, 1275 couples
Ascension Date: March 31, 2020
Nation: Italy

Cosimo was born on January 15, 1962 in Turin, Italy.

He joined the Unification family in 1985, in Rome.

His generosity and indomitable spirit stood out since the beginning, always on the front line, keeping devotion and positivity. He was not used to stop or give up, even in situations in which was easy to lose hope. He was a very active member, one of the core youths in the Rome community. He was always cheerful, happy and optimistic. People felt at ease when he was around in the center, because he was very bright and could bring harmony and a light spirit. It was very rare to see him angry or complaining.
In 1989, he received the Blessing with his beloved Somsawat, from Thailand (1275 couple Blessing). They have 3 beautiful children.
After the Blessing, Cosimo and Somsawat lived in Korea until 1993, working actively and tirelessly there. When they come back to Italy and started family life, they decided to live in Rimini, where Cosimo was working. Rimini was not a main city and there were not many members, so they constituted a stable point in that area.

Unfortunately, in 2011, due to a stroke, he was forced on the wheelchair. It was not easy for a volcanic person like him to be in that situation. However, despite the pain, he never showed negative sentiments, but strived to keep a joyful heart and accepted that situation with serenity, keeping his smile and funny ways.

But, the very first thing that characterized Cosimo was his deep love for True Parents, he was in love with Them. In every occasion, he witness of True Parents and Their love. His love for True Parents pushed him to always give his all.

Young people and early members alike, remember Cosimo dearly as a person of deep love and as a generator of joy.

 His name is echoing through the nation and there is no one who does not know him. In every places he went, he could touch the heart of people, even those who could know him a little.

He ascended on March 31, 2020, when he was in Thailand with his wife, and now he can work on the front line in the spiritual world.