In Memory of Gerhard Mehlis

Gerhard MehlisName: Gerhard Mehlis
Spouse: Sun-Hee Kim
Children: Manuel, Daniel
Birth Date: April 7th, 1955
Blessing Date: October 14th, 1982
Ascension Date: August 14, 2019
Nation: Germany

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of our dear brother, Gerhard Mehlis.

After the long battle of cancer, Gerhard ascended to the spirit world on 14th of August 2019 at 6.40 am.

Gerhard Erwin Max Mehlis was born on 7th of April 1955 in Bremen, Germany. His parents were Hubert and Annemarie Mehlis. He has two sisters: Regina and Angela. In his youth he was a loving and lively person. He was very connected to nature and he had spent a lot of time outside with his friends. He was very athletic and did competitive sports in martial arts such as Karate. As an adolescent Gerhard often thought about the purpose of life which led him to be interested in and deal with different religious and spiritual groups.

He had some deep experiences with God and he intuitively felt that he had to change his life around. So Walter Heizinger witnessed him in Bremen in spring of 1976. That was the first time when he heard about the Principles of Creation and the Fall which was very plausible to him. After he saw a video of True Father in Madison Square Garden, Gerhard was convinced that Sun Myung Moon is the messiah. Therefore he decided shortly after to join the movement as a fulltime member. After several years of missionary work in Germany and Italy, he was sent to Korea for the Tongil Mission. To him his time in Korea was the most beautiful time of his life. His encounter with True Parents and the land Korea had deepen his belief. After that Gerhard returned to Germany where he had many more opportunities to meet True Parents in the 1980s during their visits to Europe. To him these meetings were of great significance. At that time he was working at Saeilo and in Saeil Business. In 1982 he received the blessing in Seoul. Gerhard and his wife, Sun-Hee Kim have three children.

Gerhard was a caring and selfless man who devoted his life to God, True Parents and his family. Together with his wife he dedicated his heart and soul not only to his own children but also to the 2nd Generation of Germany. For many years they organized Workshops for Blessed Children from children’s to HARP age as HARP parents. Until today Gerhard’s and Sun-Hee’s investment and commitment have an impact on the 2nd Generation of Germany.

Unfortunately at the age of 60 years Gerhard was diagnosed with cancer. Until his last breath he showed his deep affection to his wife and his children and was loyal to Heavenly Parents and True Parents. He will be deeply missed by his wife and children.

The Seonghwa Ceremony was held on 23rd of August 2019 in Düsseldorf. 

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