In Memory of Giuliano Pintus

Giuliano Pintus

Name: Giuliano Pintus
Spouse: Kuhaupt Siegrun
Birth date: April 25, 1948
Blessing date: May 21, 1978  (118 couples)
Ascension date: January 6, 2021
Nation: Italy

Giuliano Pintus was born the 25th of April, 1948 in Carbonia, near Cagliari, Sardinia. 
Later, his family moved to Rome, where he joined the Movement, on December 1974, becoming one of the first members in Italy.

Giuliano is Blessed with Kuhaupt Siegrun, form Germany. They were Blessed on the 21th May 1978, at Lancaster gate, in London (118 couples).

One day of December, a little bit before Christmas, he stopped a found- raiser, Giannina, also from Sardinia. He asked her many questions and was then brought to the center. He listened to the Divine Principle explanation and shared openly about his questions and his life, as naturally as one would do with old friends.  He was not satisfied with just the Introduction and asked to know more, joining very quickly, as soon as he heard the Principle.

He was part of the European One World Crusade for all the period of its existence. He went witnessing in France, Germany and Italy, where he lived mainly in Bergamo, under the care of the Ferrario family. His dedication to mission was really deep and, being a good baker, he used to prepare cakes for the birthdays of every member and for each Holy Days.

He could go everywhere, he didn’t have limits. He could talk with a very simple person, as well as with famous people.  He is known for his funny and joyful character, very sincere and direct too. He always witnessed with joy and success, always founding time to witness, even when he was busy for job!                                                                                                                                             After the Crusade he came back to Italy, where he became pastor for the community in Naples. After receiving the Blessing, he stayed in the UK to witness for a while. Later on, he joined his wife in Germany where he collaborated with our printing activity. Then again, in Great Britain, to join the Italian group in Birmingham. Finally, he and his wife came to live in Italy.                                                                                                                                                  In the 90s’, he got a job as a porter in an influent building, where many politicians lived. Because of his personality to talk with important people, and his heart of serving others, he could find many contacts. He used to hold conferences every month to spread True Parents teaching and brought many guests when True Parents came. 

He had numerous spiritual children and always remembered each one of them in his heart. He and his wife also kept constant contact with all those members they had close relationships with. He shared a lot with his central figure and national leader, even if he couldn’t   come much to the local community.

 People define him: “He has a very special character, always able to go straight to the original mind of people. A popular, yet noble soul.  And a person who dearly loved his wife, of whom he was very proud.” He lived for justice. His strong yet kind attitude was also shown by the love he had for nature, especially for birds.

We remember him with love for his great contribution to the Providence and True Parents’ dream and for the great contribution to the Movement. He ascended to the spiritual world on January 6, 2021 and his SeongHwa Ceremony was held the 11t of January, 2021. Now he will continue to work harder with Father in Heaven.