In Memory of Gwyneth Mary Warner

Gwyneth Warner

Name: Gwyneth Mary Warner
Spouse: Bryan Warner
Children: Simon, Martin, Susan, Sarah
Birth Date: September 22, 1923
Blessing Date: June 13, 1981
Ascension Date: June 25, 2020
Nation: United Kingdom

Our beloved sister, Gwyneth Warner, has ascended to the Spirit World. Her memorial and Seonghwa Ceremony will be held at the Holy Oak Memorial Woodland on Monday 6th July. Please see the invitation below for more information:

Invitation to Seonghwa Ceremony of Gwyneth Warner

For those who are unable to attend the Seonghwa Ceremony, a recording of the memorial will be streamed on Facebook in the following days. If you would like a link to this, please send your email addreess to:

Condolence cards can be posted to this address:

Mrs. Susan Gambula
28 The Queens Drive
Mill End

Gwyneth Mary Warner was born a Thomas in 1923 in the Lincolnshire town of Sutton on Sea where her parents owned and ran a general store and Post Office. Gwyneth was the youngest of the three children of William and Florence Thomas, her brother Peter and sister Margaret (Peggy).

When she was 25 and working as a nurse in the RAF she met and married Bryan Warner who was just out of the Royal Marines. They had four children, Simon, Martin, Susan and Sarah. Early in the 1970’s she, together with her husband, took the dramatic and brave decision to leave behind all their worldly goods and dedicate their lives to the Unification movement.

All four children joined full time like their parents. Gwyneth had various missions at the Farm in Stanton Fitzwarren, in Cleeve House, with the Parents Association, Buisness and many other things. She never neglected her life of Faith and even joined all other sisters for the 21 day WS in Korea.

Always a loving mother and then grandmother and eventually great grandmother she leaves a family of 15 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. 

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Dear Simon, Martin, Susan and Sarah and families,

Carlo and I want to send our greetings to you all. We have always had a deep bond with Gwyneth and your family over the years.
Gwyneth is someone we feel proud to have known, as she is an example of strength and kindness to us all.

With the help of my daughter Miriam, I have written a poem to try to express how I feel at this time about your mother. We lived together at the Post Office in Stanton Fitzwarren for some time (around 1976 I believe) and we had a lot of fun together then.

Here is my poem

Dear Gwyneth, what a special life,
Great grandma, grandma, mother, wife,
Your family which grew and grew,
Will surely miss you, as we all do.

Whenever someone needed care,
You dear Gwyneth, would be there,
making use of nursing skill,
Healing those who had felt ill.

The village shop at 1 Mill lane,
Brings happy thoughts of you again,
Not only did you run the shop,
But cared for all the village folk.

The villagers warmed by your great smile,
All knew you’d go the extra mile,
A tin of food for their pet cat,
Or they’d just pop by for a chat.

The world beyond had fear and doubt,
Of all who lived at that Farm South,
The locals though, supported us,
Because of you, you won their trust.

There was an inner strength you had,
That pulled you through, when things were bad,
Resourceful, kind, determined strong,
Nothing kept you down for long.

A lady dignified and grand,
Has said good bye to this fair land,
Whom we’re all very proud to know,
And so dear Gwyneth, we let go.

Deep in our hearts you’ll always live,
For your example was to give,
Farewell from family and friends,
Remembering, it’s not the end.

-Poem from Barbara Zaccarelli