In Memory of Karl Mussy


Name: Karl Mussy
Spouse: Vera Mussy
Children: Irene, Markus, Mathias, Tamara
Birth Date: May 18, 1961
Blessing Date: January 12, 1989
Ascension Date: March 16, 2020
Nation: Austria

In love and gratitude we remember our dear and beloved son, husband, father, father-in-law and brother Karl Bernhard Mussy (15.5.1961 – 16.3.2020)

Seonghwa Ceremony: Sunday, August 2, 2020 At 3:00 pm

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Invitation Seungwha Karl Mussy

“It is irrelevant how much knowledge, power or money someone has because all these things will fade away. When human beings die, they leave everything behind. What you should carry with you is your effort to spread God’s love in this world.” (S. M. Moon)

Testimony of Karl Mussy

“… because I found people who lead a very interesting life, are happy and have high goals.”

1) Birth, childhood and adolescence
I grew up in Burgenland in the small town of Wörterberg. My parents had a small farm. I was baptized and raised as a Catholic. As a child I had to go to church, when I was older I didn’t go. l had negative experiences with the pastor in religious education at school. I had severe kidney problems when I was about 5 years old. The doctors thought my case was hopeless and had given up on me. Through the treatment of a naturopath (laying hands, tea cure, etc.) I was healed completely and healthy.

After school I did an apprenticeship as a watchmaker. At the age of 19 I served in the military for 8 months. I worked in road construction as a machinist, as an order picker, as a watchmaker in Vienna, in a boat yard and at the age of 24 I started working in Neumarkt am Wallersee (in Salzburg) as a precision mechanic.

2) First contact with the Unification Movement
In Salzburg-city I came into contact with the Unification Movement for the first time. In autumn 1983 I was approached by Paula Gasser. She actually wanted to sell me “The Family” newspaper from the Unification Movement, but I didn’t buy one since I recently bought a car and had to save a lot. Nevertheless, she invited me to the center. When I first visited the center in Purtschellergasse, I thought that they were making fun of me because I had never known any young people who talked about religion. But then I realized that they were serious. I was invited again and again and I loved going there because I felt very comfortable there from the start and the lectures were also very interesting…

Paula also lent me a few newspapers (“The Family”) that I enjoyed reading, because there were very interesting articles inside. Because driving back and forth was very tedious, I then asked Hans Brunnbauer (Center Manager) if I could live at the center (that was before I became a member). I think it was a difficult decision for Hans, but still he said yes. I continued to work as a precision mechanic in Neumarkt am Wallersee but took the bus to work. So I slept a little more on the bus because I always went to bed late, as it was always very interesting at the center.

One day I prayed in the prayer room of the converted attic of the Salzburg Center. After the prayer, when I was standing under the window, the sun was shining in and I felt a strong love from the spiritual world at that moment. Since this experience it has been clear to me that the spirit world exists.

3) Accession
I joined the church in November 1983 after a workshop in Gaflenz. The main reason why I joined the movement is because I found people who live a very interesting life, are happy and have high goals. I also found friends that I never found anywhere else before and I felt that this is also the best way for me to be happy in my life and where I can learn the most. Of course, the ideas were also interesting and logical, and religion became interesting again for me…

Before I got to know the Unification Movement, sports were very important to me, but then the lectures and activities became very important and I was no longer interested in sports. Finding a partner and getting married had always been an important goal for me, but through the Principle I realized that good preparation is important and I was able to learn a lot through the Unification Movement.

4) Responses from the environment and the family
My family’s reaction was not very positive. But they accepted it, knowing that if I wanted to do something, I wouldn’t let anything stop me. Actually it was more the influences of other people that made it difficult for my parents, they said negative things about our movement. My parents saw that I was happy and changed for the better, but the negative that they heard from other people didn’t make it easy for them…

5) Community life and mission
The life in the center was a very valuable time. Living together was like a family (a well-functioning family). I also enjoyed participating in the making of gifts (before Christmas) for friends of the Unification Movement, including newspaper sales and witnessing. I also had a lot of great experiences and I knew I could give other people something that is valuable. Of course, for me the True Parents have always been a role model, their relationship with God, with fellow human beings and how they encounter and solve problems. Even if I am still far away from the ideal that I strived for or am striving for, I could and can see, especially through older members, that it is achievable and so I try to learn from them (from everyone). (Since an experience in 2009, I got an intense impression of what it’s like when mind and body become one.)

After living in the center in Salzburg, I was fundraising in Belgium for eight months and in Austria for eight months. Then I took part in the mission to mobilize priests in the United States. For a long time I visited various churches in St. Louis, Springfield, Battlecreek, Detroit, etc. Often I attended three different services on a Sunday. In the end, I worked in the video center in LA.

There was one special experience from my 13-month stay in the United States that I took with me: One day, as part of a 70-day “Ocean Challenge” workshop, just before True Father spoke to us in East Garden (in Gloucester), he gave a few words to the members in the first row. I saw True Father’s aura as a bright, white light. Because of his incredibly big love, which was expressed not only in his words, but also through his laughter, his movements and his entire being, it was now more clear than ever before for me that he was the Messiah and True Father of humanity. I had never experienced anything like this before, it was an indescribable feeling. From this point on, even in the most difficult situation there was not the slightest doubt that Father is the Messiah and this experience became a source of strength for me.

6) Marriage Blessing, further mission and return to Hometown
Half a year after the Blessing in Korea, which took place in January 1989, I helped with our daily newspaper Segye-llbo in Seoul. So in the morning I went from house to house to deliver newspapers and during the day we advertised three-month free subscriptions to make the newspaper known. After my time in Korea, I returned to Austria, where I started working for Multifa. In the early 1990s, Vera and I founded our own company in Hartberg, then moved to Oberwart and then to Pinkafeld, where we still live today.

There is one more experience I would like to tell: From September 2nd to 15th, 2004 I was able to participate in the “Word Peace Pilgrimage”, a project of the MEPI (Middle East Peace Initiative). In Israel and Palestine I had many beautiful and valuable experiences with the people, as well as with the peace ambassadors and our members. I felt a heavenly atmosphere at the “Bridge of Peace Ceremony” as we made the Peace March through Jerusalem while chanting “Peace – Shalom – Salamaleikum! Pray for Peace in the Middle East!” we sang and then we visited the holy places together. One of the guides said that during the 40 years he worked as a guide, he had never experienced anything like this group. In particular, it touched him that we are so seriously committed to peace.

In the summer of 2009, when I was under a personal crisis situation l prayed several times in tears to God, and I received a lot of support from the spirit world. Over the course of several weeks I had a lot of energy and I could do so much more than usual because everything was so easy for me to do. During the day I had no desire to rest and I didn’t need more than three to four hours of sleep at night. During this time I experienced an intense experience of mind-body unity. It was a feeling of happiness of indescribable intensity, which far exceeded our imagination. This is how I understood what True Father meant when he said that a perfect person is constantly intoxicated with God’s love and energy. Unfortunately, I have not managed to maintain this state. However, this experience taught me that realizing the ideal is not impossible, even if it depends on our individual responsibility.

Karl Mussy
Pinkafeld, 12. 09.2014