In Memory of Mario Ferrario

Mario Ferrario

Name: Mario Ferrario
Spouse: Luciana Ferrario
Children: Sara, Marzia, Donata and Bianca
Birth Date: July 7, 1936
Blessing Date: December 22, 1976, 35 couples
Belvedere, NY, USA
Ascension Date: January 1, 2020
Nation: Italy

“Husband and wife need to live a fervent, unchanging love throughout their lives. Even when they grow old, they must do so preserving the level of their past bond” -Sun Myung Moon 

Mario was one of the earliest member in Milan and in Italy. He and his wife Luciana and their two daughters, joined quite early, led by the Holy Spirit and by dreams and visions. Luciana was more instinctive and spiritually guided, whereas Mario was more intellectual. After every Principle lecture he had so many questions and he found all the answers one by one. He was very attentive and always checked his motivation, in everything he did. A good-hearted brother, loved and respected by everyone, gifted with the natural ability of knowing how to listen to and loving others. He and his family have been examples of faith and devotion to True Parents in their different missions.

They were pioneers in the city of Bergamo, and had a supportive role in every community they went to. When True Parents came the first time in Italy, they were in the organizing committee. This gave them the opportunities to be close to True Parent many times, and as early members they could have a more direct relationship with Father and Mother. 

Mario left his job many times, always following his next mission, leaving a trace in the places he had worked at. Mario was one of the pillars for the founding and the development of Tongil industries in Italy, to which he contributed greatly and efficiently.  In 1970s Catholic oppositions didn’t allow previously married couple to be blessed in a public setting. Nevertheless, True Parents could bless their couple, along with other couples, in 1976 in New York, during a very small but very personal ceremony. True Parents personally took care of those previously married couples blessed on that occasion. Mario and Luciana were so grateful to receive that long awaited Blessing! And they worked even more resolutely. After the Blessing they had two more daughters, who were the first Italian Second generations.

In 1992, Mario was also sent in North Korea, as one of True Parents representative, to bring food aid from USA. 

The Ferrarios couple were also national messiahs of Romania. They spent there 12 years investing and contributing in building the foundation of the Romanian Family. Mario was behind the organization of many of the events in which True Parents came in Romania. After 12 years, due to Luciana’s back problems, they came back to Italy, where they contacted their previous contacts, found new ways to witness, took care of two of their daughters and supported the community. In recent years, they moved to the United States, where two of their daughter and their families live, to stay close to their grandchildren. In the end of 2019 they completed the welcoming ceremony for the 430 generations of ancestors and Mario could ascend pacifically the first of January 2020.  

He is very loved and respected.