In Memory of Simon Robinet

Simon Robinet

Name: Simon Robinet
Spouse: Renée Grandjean
Children: Anne, Isabelle, Christine, Yves
Birth Date: April 8, 1933
Blessing Date: December 22, 1976
Ascension Date: June 9, 2020
Nation: Belgium

Simon was born on 8 April 1933 in Petit Fays (Bièvre) in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. He ascended to the Spirit World on 9 June 2020, having been admitted to the Academic Hospital of Jette (Brussels), with a fracture sustained from a bad fall at Home Castel nursing home, where he stayed for little more than one year.
Simon married Renée Grandjean in 1957 and had three daughters and one son. The entire family moved to Copenhagen in the early 1970s for two years, where Simon had enrolled for a two-year eutony course. At that time Renée met Erika Zamberger, an Austrian missionary, who, like Renée, was attending an English language course. Thanks to many spiritual experiences and their sincere quest for the truth already before they travelled to Denmark, Simon and Renée immediately embraced the Divine Principle teachings.
Simon and his family returned to Belgium once the eutony course was finished and started their Church life together with two Austrian sisters who had been sent to Belgium as missionaries.
Simon attended the Yoido Rally in Seoul in 1975 as a representative of Belgium.
In 1976 Simon attended the Washington Monument Rally and subsequently participated in a 21-day workshop with Reverend Sudo.

Simon and Renée were blessed by True Parents at Belvedere on 22 December 1976 and were the first Blessed Couple in Belgium. After the blessing Simon stayed in the USA for a 40-day witnessing campaign under the leadership of Reverend Sudo.
In 1978 Renée and Simon started their Home Church mission in the Brussels area.
Simon supported the mission in Belgium by teaching, witnessing, dealing with legal affairs and PR work.
In 1983 they left for the USA to take part in the Religious Freedom Campaign for five years. Their children stayed in Belgium to continue their studies.
Simon and Renée were pillars of faith in the Belgian church. Pioneers in many ways. Simon was a (grand) father figure to all members – first and second generations – and never failed to support the Providence. Being very handy, Simon never failed to help members with restoration work.
Simon will live on in the heart of us all and his four children, seven grandchildren and one greatgranddaughter.
The Seonghwa service will be held in Brussels on Tuesday 16 June at 10:30, followed by the Won Jeun ceremony at the cemetery of Petit-Fays at 14:30. Due to Covid-19, the number of participants is limited.
A recording of the Service will be released soon after.
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