In Memory of Ute Schmuki


Name: Ute Schmuki
Spouse: Friedrich Schmuki
Birth Date: May 15, 1939
Blessing Date: July 1, 1982
Ascension Date: December 27, 2020
Nation: Switzerland

In Memoriam UTE SCHMUKI-FRODERMANN (May 15, 1939 – Dec. 27, 2020).

Dear Ute

On December 27, 2020 you left for the spiritual world.
Your energy became weakened and made your path arduous and your breath short. So you took down your tent here in the physical world to satisfy your longing for God the Heavenly Parent.
You lived for God and contributed to a better world together with True

You did not bury your talents, but offered them, mostly for the sake of the
children. You were the first Sunday School teacher in the center, Forchstrasse
Zurich, where you taught the first children of the 2nd generation.
You cooked in many children’s workshops. You knew the preferences of the
children and spoiled them with delicious delicacies and made them happy.
You also served the adult siblings with much love, cooked ( your Korean dishes
were very popular), sewed and so much more.

On July 1, 1982, you were blessed with Friedrich Schmuki in New York by True
Parents. Your marriage, like so many others, was not the easiest.
You mastered this and explained that your husband was really an artist and as
such he had a great urge for freedom. This is how your deep heart expressed

We are very grateful to you for everything you gave with so much love and we
will always remember you because we love you.
Friedrich is deeply happy for the time you had to say goodbye. He is grateful
that he was allowed to accompany you on your last journey into the spiritual
world. He says he has never shed so many tears of joy in his life.

Our “Heavenly Parents” God, awaits you with open arms.
Goodbye dear Ute.
Sincerely yours from brothers and sisters