In Memory of Yuriko Grayson

Yuriko Grayson

Name: Yuriko Grayson
Spouse: Brian Grayson
Children: Lilian, Joseph
Birth Date: October 13, 1950
Blessing Date: 1982
Ascension Date: April 17, 2020
Nation: United Kingdom

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of our dear sister, Yuriko Grayson. 

Yuriko ascended to the spirit world on Friday 17th April at 2am. Yuriko was a beloved member of the North England community. She joined the FFWPU movement in 1972, and received the blessing in 1982. Yuriko and her husband, Brian, have two children, Lilian and Joseph. Yuriko was a trained classical musician, and she enjoyed playing the piano. Yuriko was a selfless woman who always lived for the sake of others. She devoted her life to God, True Parents and her family.

Brian, Lilian and Joseph Grayson would like to thank all the brothers and sisters who have been praying for their family and Yuriko’s journey to the spirit world.

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