Building the EU-BFD Together

BFD Annual Meeting; Schmitten July 8th-10th 2011
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The Idea of the European Blessed Family Department from its inception was always to build a network of carers, educators and therapists who can serve the families of our communities, and help each other to develop and improve as we go along. Continue reading

The 5th European Parents’ Matching Convocation

Graevenwiesbach April 3rd-5th 2010
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This was another opportunity for parents to learn how to go about the responsibility of matching their adult children, and also to ‘network’, meeting other parents to share fellowship, as well as
perhaps receive Heaven’s guidance to find the ‘right family’. About 40% of participants came
simply to observe and learn, rather than to present their children. This way they were able
to gain confidence before starting the process of matching their children.

Blessing Workshop in Helsinki

Finland, 9th and 10th May 2009

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Twelve 2nd generation young people between 17 and 21 years old attended the full program of the Blessing workshop on the weekend of 9th and 10th of May 2009. The young people and their parents as well as other adults attending – partly or in full – are so very grateful for Geros Kunkel to have agreed to come to Helsinki to conduct the workshop here in the far north. Also, Geros had agreed to convey all the contents of the normally 3 day-workshop in merely a two-day weekend.

Living in the Four Great Realms of Heart

Hungary 27th and 28th September 2008
Balloon Game
It was a chilly Autumn weekend when Ashley and I arrived in Budapest. This was my second time to visit there, the first being in 1990 when I went to help prepare for a 21 day workshop for 400 Soviet University Students. It was winter – and I saw white swans walking on a frozen lake, and although it was a very exciting time for our movement there, the city and the Houses of Parliament ( which are modelled on our Westminster Houses of Parliament ) were gray with winter cold and decades of accumulated grime. This time everything was clean and bright, and we were warmly embraced by 40 members – many young Blessed Couples among them, in the dignified Bekehaz ( Peace House ).

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