Workshops & Events

We’ll use this page to keep you up to date with our upcoming Workshops and Seminars for Blessed Families in Europe.

Building our Blessing

Are you Matched?BFD is happy to support all matched couples in the months before and after the Blessing!Join us for an evening of guidance, learning and sharing!! Register here for Building our Blessing, a series of events for all Matched Couples!REGISTER HERE Once you are registered, you will get more information about our events via … Continue reading Building our Blessing


Are you a Blessed Child, single and over 24 years? “Interact” is a webinar series created especially for you.● offering a platform to connect adult single BC matching candidates● featuring short presentations and testimonies on a wide variety of topics, with a focus on self development and preparation for Blessing● including an opportunity for networking … Continue reading Interact!

Parents Matching Education

Parents Matching Education – webinar series, organized by BFD-EUME For most parents, the task of matching their children is very challenging.This webinar series is designed to support and help parents in this precious task given to them by ourTrue Parents. We will organize one webinar every 2 nd month covering a wide range of helpful … Continue reading Parents Matching Education

7 Days DP workshop in Prague

Dear Brothers and Sisters,  We would like to invite you to the 7 Day Divine Principle Workshop that will take place in February in Prague.  It is opened to new guests (with at least a level of 1-2 Days DP workshop), 2nd generation and members.  After the workshop the participants will receive an EUME level … Continue reading 7 Days DP workshop in Prague

Cosmic Blessing May 2023

Dear All, We would like to inform you about the following details concerning the upcoming Cosmic Blessing which will take place on the:7th May 2023 in the venue: Cheon Won Gung, South Korea.The official title of the Blessing ceremony will be: 2023 Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing Festival hosted by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and … Continue reading Cosmic Blessing May 2023

M&B Prep WS for 2nd+ Generations

Dear Blessed Families!  We want to warmly invite you to the upcoming Level 2 EUME Matching and Blessing Preparation Workshop. A Level 2 Matching and Blessing Preparation Workshop is a requirement for all who wish to attend the Cosmic Blessing. It is designed to support all candidates and parents who are preparing for the matching, … Continue reading M&B Prep WS for 2nd+ Generations

Bereavement Group

Dear Blessed Families, I am Margoth Kalstad and I want to offer free online bereavement support on zoom. I have been wanting to this for a long time since I have many years of experience to lead bereavement groups. The group will be a self-help group, not a therapy group – where one can share … Continue reading Bereavement Group

Balancing Family and Beyond

Dear all, We are starting a new project for young parents called Balancing Family and Beyond. There will be 3 four-week courses starting in January 2023 that consist of Zoom meetings one evening a week.  Please share the save the date with any young families you think might be interested!