Spiritual Traditions

“You should not only inherit the tradition but also you should be able to teach it. To whom? You should teach your children and your spouse. You should respect your spouse, “My husband is great”. “My wife is great” With that kind of love and respect between husband and wife, parents must educate their children… Those are the three essential points: tradition, education, and practice. That is what we have to work on.”

– True Father


Hoon Dok Hae

“If only hoondokahe is carried out, that is education...Whenever I have a moment to spare, I will read the Word. Just as a bean sprout will keep growing taller if you water it, you will constantly grow bigger (in heart) without your realizing it.”

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The Book of Tradition

Search through this online table of contents for specific traditions.  Below are a few common traditions for Blessed Couples and Families:.

Relevant for Blessed Couples:

Holy Days and Holidays 

Multiplying Holy candles


Births and Birth Ceremonies 


Relevant for Blessed Families:

Eight Day Dedication Ceremony 

Blessed Family Practices 

Family Ceremonies: Birthday altar, Blessing anniversary…