Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions relating to the Matching and Blessing process for Second Generation.

Blessing Application

Where should my application be sent?

Please register on our Blessing Application Website and upload all your forms and requirements. You can find all information and necessary forms on the Website or under this link


Is there an expiration date on the Application Files?

Generally we recommend that all parts of the Blessing Application are completed within the last 2 years. In particular, the blessing workshop and interview should not be more than 2 years old.

With whom can I do my confession and interview?

The Interview and confession should be done before starting a Matching Process and be conducted by an official BFD representative.

What is the difference between an Applicant and a Candidate?

An applicant is someone who is in the process of applying for the Matching or Blessing. A candidate is someone who has completed the full Blessing Application and has submitted it to our office.

I have concerns and questions about the Blessing. Who can I talk to about it?

You are always welcome to contact the European local BFD representative staff:
Mrs. Orlande: orlandebfd@gmail.com.


How do I prepare myself for the matching?

Two important steps in the matching preparation process are:

  1. Start by doing the Interview and confession before (should be done before a matching process)
  2. Attendance of a Blessing Workshop. Details of upcoming Blessing Workshops can be found on in our Events section:
  3. Completion of the Blessing Application. www.blessingapplication.eu

What do I do after I am matched?

Please complete the Matching Report Form and email it to europe.cosmic.blessing@gmail.com. We also recommend that both families meet (if possible) and conduct a small ceremony to celebrate the matching.

What is a PMC (Parents Matching Convocation)?

The PMC is a workshop that is designed for Parents to receive education and support regarding the Matching. It also provides a platform to for parents to share with, and connect to, other parents.

I don’t want to put myself on the website, is there another way to get matched?

The blessing4u.org website is not a mandatory part of the blessing or matching process.  It is simply a tool intended to support parents in the matching process.

The PMC is a good way to meet other parents who are looking to match their children. The Matching Supporter Team are also in contact with many families who are looking for a match.


Where do I register for the Blessing?

Registration for the Blessing must be done through the Blessed Family Department at europe.cosmic.blessing@gmail.com. Before every Blessing we are sending out a link with a registration for the Blessing.

What do I need to do in order to attend the next Blessing?

All Information must be completed on the Blessing Application Website. Only qualified candidates who have completed the blessing application in time and receive approval from the European Blessed Family Department will be able to attend the Blessing. If you are not sure or have any questions regarding your personal situation, please email Orlande orlandebfd@gmail.com personally.

Website blessing4u.org

At the moment we one international matching websites

Website http://www.blessing4u.org (former bcmatching.org Website)

How do I get a login to blessing4u?

Please visit the website www.blessing4u.org and create an ID and password for yourself.

How do we get the parents’ password?

Your child’s profile on blessing4u.org must be complete. This means that all fields must be filled out, all the questions answered in the ‘blessing information’ section and at least one personal picture must be included.

What do I do if I am in contact with someone?

Please change your profile setting to “not available” or “close” your account.

Why is the parents’ password not working?

The most likely reasons are that your profile is still on “close” or you misspelled the password. From time to time the password gets changed, in this case please contact our European webmaster at webmaster.eume@gmail.com

What is the meaning of “open/ close” and “not available”?

You have the option to change your account settings to “close” or “not available”.
In the “close” setting, the profile can not be seen by any other candidates and you can no longer search for other candidates.
In the “not available” setting, the profile will be shown as pink to other candidates, indicating that your son or daughter is currently not available, but you can still search for other candidates.

Whom do I contact if I have a problem with my Child’s profile?

Please contact our webmaster: webmaster.eume@gmail.com