Don’t live your life as though you were measuring it with a ruler.
– Sun Myung Moon

Navigating in life on our own can be challenging sometimes. Thus the BFD collected resources for you that can aid you when you are looking for some inspiration or guidance.

Personal Development

“We were all created to be great men and women. God did not send us into this world without purpose. When God created us He invested His complete love into each person. We are all created for greatness.” – True Father Here you’ll find information about how to develop ourselves with a spiritual lifestyle in … Continue reading Personal Development

Purity Education

In today’s world, our children may be introduced to sexuality at a young age. Not having ‘the talk’ with one’s kids by the time they are 11-12 years old does not mean that they do not know what sex is… And why may this be problematic? Their sources of information may not be very healthy. … Continue reading Purity Education

Sexual Integrity

Sexual Integrity = a mindset and lifestyle for keeping sexual purity before marriage and fidelity in marriage. “The Unification Church teaches about mind-body unity. There is no secret formula. Mind-body unity cannot be achieved by money, or through any means of training or education. It is only possible with true love.” – True Father   … Continue reading Sexual Integrity

Spiritual Traditions

“You should not only inherit the tradition but also you should be able to teach it. To whom? You should teach your children and your spouse. You should respect your spouse, “My husband is great”. “My wife is great” With that kind of love and respect between husband and wife, parents must educate their children… … Continue reading Spiritual Traditions


HDH related to the blessing, character development, unconditional love and much more… Peace Message 10 Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Nov 21, 2006, South Korea “I would like to convey Heaven’s words on the subject of “The Family Rooted in Absolute Sexual Ethics, which Is the Model for God’s Absoluteness, Peace and Ideal, and the Global Kingdom” … Continue reading HDH