Purity Education

In today’s world, our children may be introduced to sexuality at a young age. Not having ‘the talk’ with one’s kids by the time they are 11-12 years old does not mean that they do not know what sex is… And why may this be problematic? Their sources of information may not be very healthy.

In order to counter the immorality our children may be confronted within their daily lives, our movement developed the Il Shim program and ceremony. It is a program designed to educate and support teenagers or young adolescents about their value as Heavenly Parent’s sons and daughters and about the importance of taking responsibility for their lives of faith.

This page aims at (re)introducing the concept of Il Shim, alongside its different phases and procedures. It also serves as a display of the various Il Shim study materials (to be found under Il Shim Preparation Material).

What is Il Shim?

Il Shim is a Korean term, meaning ‘one heart’. True Parents used the expression to proclaim total unity between Heavenly Parent and True Parents. They emphasised the importance for blessed families, and especially blessed children, to inherit this unity. During an Il Shim ceremony, young people pledge to live a life of attendance, by loving … Continue reading What is Il Shim?

The Il Shim Ceremony

Depending on the circumstances, the Il Shim ceremony can be the conclusion of a longer workshop or can be held on its own. Before the ceremony Include some spiritual content – It is nice to integrate some  Il Shim content into the program to set a reflective mood and to give some internal points to … Continue reading The Il Shim Ceremony

The Il Shim Follow-up

Before and during the Il Shim ceremony, parents and participants have the opportunity to grow and (re)discover their faith and love for Heavenly Parent, understand their values better, and learn about the importance of True Parents’ tradition together. As a result, participants may set out personal goals in order to become the person they want … Continue reading The Il Shim Follow-up