Personal Development

“We were all created to be great men and women. God did not send us into this world without purpose. When God created us He invested His complete love into each person. We are all created for greatness.”

– True Father

Here you’ll find information about how to develop ourselves with a spiritual lifestyle in mind.

A healthy lifestyle means taking care of your physical body with a nutritious diet, exercise and avoiding whatever harms your body, like alcohol or drugs. It also means taking care of your spiritual growth (with prayer, HDH etc.) and learning how to love. You have genuine relationships where you feel fulfilled because you are supporting others with your time and your abilities.

Any areas in your life where you find it harder to have self-control such as eating, social media, gaming, masturbation, pornography etc. These are habits you need to address now.  Isolation and loneliness can often lead to addictive behaviours* so it’s important to reflect on ways to connect with others (family, friends, community) more regularly.



Below are two self-reflection exercises. The first one is about discovering which ways are easiest for you to connect to God. The second exercise is about how to live life based on your priorities.

1. My Spiritual Style Survey

2. Making a Life Plan


Book and video resources

Support Network of Healers and Counselors

*If you think you may have addictive behaviours there are some recommendations for how to get support in the Sexual Integrity section or contact a BFD representative.