Application Process

There was a time when Reverend Moon himself would match men and
women who had, through their commitment to this spiritual path, put
their trust in God to work through him as the True Parent; he possessed
extraordinary abilities in this area. However, as that method is no longer
available to us, Family Federation members seeking to find a match
within the faith community, as is our tradition, can now avail themselves
of this introduction and matching service. It is presented as a seven-
month ‘Heavenly Courtship” under carefully developed guidelines that
aim to ensure that those couples matched by this method will have a
beautiful and lasting marriage, blessed by God. It is also designed to
minimize the risk of hearts being hurt or broken – a tragic but commonly
accepted feature of relationships in society around us.
Those seeking a prospective spouse through this system need to fulfill
certain qualifications. The requirements for 1 st Generation Matching are
as follows:

1. To have had at least one year of active membership before
applying, including reaching out to others to share the message of
the Divine Principle and promoting the values embodied in True
Parents’ teachings.

2. To have maintained a lifestyle of sexual purity for at least one year.

3. To have completed a Divine Principle Workshop with the content
of a 21 day seminar.

4. To have maintained regular attendance to at least one FFWPU
program (e.g. Sunday Service, UPF programs, WFWP program,

5. To have offered tithing or made a financial contribution on a
regular basis.

6. To have demonstrated good character and adequate maturity to be
a responsible spouse with self-discipline and the ability to manage
one’s own life (in terms of study, employment and being self-
sufficient) as well as being ready to care for and live for the sake of

7. Participate in a Blessing Preparation Workshop. The matching
candidate will receive a certificate after participation. *

8. Make a Confession/ Interview with a person who is qualified and
has completed the training program organized by the BFD. This
Confession/ Interview should be done before you register for the
Matching Website. *

9. Offer a condition of devotion: 3 days fasting (BFD recommends 7
days fasting). If your health situation does not allow you to fast,
please contact your local BFD leader.

10. Take a HIV test and general health check.

11. Fill out and submit the following forms to the BFD representative
in your nation:
– EUME Matching Application Form
– My Life Story form (with a personal recommendation from an
– Photos of matching candidate:
1x portrait photo and
1x full body photo

12. Each Matching Candidate needs a personal Matching Supporter
who has to be confirmed by the national BFD leader, and who will
help the candidate to find a suitable partner.

13. Please register on the International Matching Website
If the matching candidate wishes to be accepted on the Matching
Website, please fill out all required fields and upload at least one
personal picture.

* This document is valid only for two years and after that it needs to
be renewed.