Matching Support for Blessed Children

Matching Supporters are available to support a candidate and their family through the matching process.

In Europe we have established a Parents Matching Support Team. We have at least one Matching Supporter in each major nation and we hope to train up more soon.

We are in regular communication with each other and are developing a good overview and understanding of the situation and challenges facing European families who are in the process of matching their children.

We are also involved in national and European workshops for Blessed Children candidates and their parents.

A Matching Supporter can:

  • help families to understand the guidelines and procedures involved in the matching process.
  • support families and candidates in their preparation to start the matching process and make a matching plan.
  • help to find, fill in and submit all the necessary forms.
  • help candidates and families in the process of finding other candidates.
  • act as a mediator between two families.
  • help research the situation of someone suggested as a possible match.
  • support families during the introduction and communication process.
  • encourage and support families to develop their network.
  • mediate with the Blessed Families Departments in other continents.
  • support families – who have tried, but do not seem to be getting anywhere.
  • answer any questions you have about the matching process
  • support and attend Parents Matching Convocations and Matching and Blessing Preparation workshops as staff members.

Look at the list of our European Matching Supporters