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Welcome to the First Generation Matching area!

Here you can read all about our introduction and matching process for first generation members. You can understand how it happens and what it means. You can also gain the benefit of some internal guidance about the Blessing.

For clarification, here is a brief explanation of some of the terminology we will be using:

First Generation – This term refers to people who have met the Unification Movement, most commonly as adults, and have come to know True Parents. They will have made a conscious choice to make this their spiritual home and, understanding the value of marriage and family, are on a path to eventually receive the marriage blessing from True Parents.

Included are those whom we refer to as ‘Jacob Children’ – people who are also following this spiritual path, and may well have grown up within the Movement, but who were born before their own parents received the Blessing. It is permissible for First Generation and Jacob Children to be blessed together.

A separate course, and hence a separate matching system, is reserved for those who were born from parents who received True Parents’ marriage blessing and who were raised within the Movement. You will commonly hear such people referred to as ‘Second Generation’, but perhaps ‘Blessed Children’ is a better term, as this course applies equally to third, fourth and subsequent generations.

The Blessing – is the ceremony officiated by True Parents or their representatives that gives a ‘Heavenly Seal’ to a couple’s pledge of commitment to God and to each other. In the Unification Movement this has central significance and it is a marriage ceremony, but more than that it brings a man and woman together eternally, creates a new beginning for them in pure love and bestows forgiveness for the past. The meaning is so important that it is referred to as the ‘change of blood lineage’. The meaning and value of the Blessing is conveyed in depth when you attend a Blessing Preparation Workshop, as all candidates are expected to do.

Through this process a couple becomes a ‘Blessed Couple’ and will go on to create a Blessed Family. This is a religious ceremony of profound meaning that progresses through five important stages or ‘steps’. For this, proper understanding and preparation are necessary and it is indeed right to consider this as the couple’s marriage in the sight of Heaven. Once blessed, though, a couple should complete whatever legal processes are required to be married according to the laws of their nation.

Candidates are expected to be free of any ‘just impediment’ as to why they should not get legally married and should also be free to marry according to standards associated with the administration of the blessing (we might call this ‘church law’).

The Introduction System – refers to a seven-month period of preparation for the Blessing and married life that a couple go through, starting from the day they accept being introduced to each other, and seek to take the process further. This is explained in detail later.

An Introduction – is that careful process, guided by prayer, through which two candidates are introduced to each other. Each candidate will have an ‘advocate’ who knows them well and stands in the position of a parent. They will receive assistance in this process from the staff of the Blessed Family Department in their nation or respective nations.

A Matching – When a couple have been introduced and have gone through the Introduction System to prepare for the Blessing (what we refer to as the period of ‘Heavenly Courtship’) – and are ready to commit to an eternal partnership – they will be consider to be ‘Matched’, or a ‘Matched Couple’.

What else you will find under the drop-down menu:

An explanation of the Systems and Standards involved all the way from an Introduction to the Blessing. In other words, the procedures, preparations and standards that candidates who wish to receive True Parents’ Blessing in this way will be expected to fulfill.

Here you will find guidance to help you prepare and valuable testimonials from those who have found their eternal partner this way.

Frequently Asked Questions, with answers.

An introductory explanation and a link to the Matching Database.

Here you can find and download all the various forms you will need in the course of applying for and completing the matching process.

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