Energy work

Energetic Work:

Imbalances in the energy field can be the underlying causes

  • for many kinds of physical problems as pain, inflammation, allergies, chronic diseases etc.,
  • for mental issues like anger, fear, constant worry …,
  • for blockages in personal growth
  • for difficulties in relationships and finances.

On a larger scale they might block endeavors of peacebuilding … or the providence of God.

Energetic work comprises a huge variety of methods:

  • acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu, tapping or other forms of touch
  • methods using the energy of stones, colors, music, flowers, ..
  • methods focusing on cleansing of chakras, meridians …

Most of these methods try to dissolve imbalances by creating more balance in the energy field of a person.

There are other methods, mainly kinesiology-based, like Emotion Code, Body Code and Original Energy Code, which focus on identifying and releasing the energetic causes leading to the imbalance.

Emotion Code (EC)

As emotions are involved in almost all circumstances in life, Emotion Code turns out to be a simple but very effective method to help solving the above mentioned issues.

Body Code (BC)

Body Code is a wonderful instrument containing all elements related to the body from bones, circulatory system, organs, teeth etc. to chakras, meridians, toxicities, nutrition and lifestyle. It allows identifying and releasing energetic causes of basically all physical and some mental issues.

Emotion Code and Body Code were developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, an US-American chiropractor and pioneer of energetic medicine.

Original Energy Code (OEC)

is a further development of Emotion Code and Body Code which allows to identify and release all kinds of energies created in fallen history. These can be energies of personal traumas, of transgressions of ancestors, energies created in wars, energies of curses or black magic etc.
The release of these energies is possible on individual level but also on the level of families, tribes, nations, races, religious communities … Original Energy Code was developed by Kurt and Bernadette Sattlberger, certified Emotion Code practitioners, by combining the techniques used in EC and BC with the view of the Divine Principle.


Name: Kurt Sattlberger
Country: Austria
Languages: English, Germany

Method: Emotion Code, Original Energy Code

I am so grateful to have been guided to do this work on a professional base since 2013.  I could witness so many improvements in health issues, in personal growth, in relationships, in careers. Additionally I am grateful that I could liberate blessed families from ancestral burdens, also for the sake of the generations to come.

Less visible, but probably with more effect, was the work for regions, nations, religious communities and on cosmic level, releasing energies blocking the providence.

Skype: kurt.sattlberger1

Name: Kathrin Ladstätter
Country: Austria.
Languages: German, English, Russian.

 Bach Flower Remedies. The original Bach Flower Remedies is a safe and natural method of healing discovered by Dr. Bach, a physician and homeopath from England, more than 80 years ago. This Flower Remedies can catalyze the resolution of deep emotional unbalances. There are 38 Flower Essences, each derived from a different wild flower, plant or tree, and each corresponding to a specific emotion. The Flower Remedies can be used to heal all kinds of emotional unbalances such as anger, stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, lack of self-esteem etc.
Skype: kathrin.ladstaetter.


Name: Liz Bramsen
Country: Denmark.
Languages: English, Danish

Method: Certified Emotion Code practitioner.
Body Code and Original Energy Code (developed by Kurt Sattlberger).


Name: Franz Kerschbaummayr
Country: Italy.
Languages: English, German, Italian.

Method: Certified Emotion Code practitioner.
Body Code and Original Energy Code (developed by Kurt Sattlberger).
Even we did not finish yet our education as counselor we started with Family counseling.

Skype: kerschbaummayr1


Name: Alan and Brigitte Sillitoe
Country: Luxembourg

Method: Emotion Code (Bradley Nelson), Original Energy Code (Kurt & Bernadette Sattlberger)
Skype: Sillitoe
Languages: French, English


Name: Tatiana Hedström
Country: Sweden.
Languages: Russian, English, Swedish.

Methods: “I am developing therapies with different methods including Emotion Code.”
Website in Swedish:

​Name:  Liliana ​V. ​Karlsson
Country: Sweden
Languages:  Swedish, Spanish, English.

Methods: Energy Work: Certified Emotion Code Practitioner; The Body Code System and Original Energy Code (OEC). More than 7 years of experience.

A short description: Energy work can identify and release blocking energies from the physical body as from the spiritual body (pain, inflammations, insomnia, fears, depression, etc.  We can work ​person to person or long-distance (by Skype or by phone; Whatsapp-audio/video)​
Email :
Skype: beatriz2709777

Download introduction of Liliana K.


Name: Susan Crosthwaite
Country: England.
Language: English.

Methods: EFT (Tapping acupressure points to release stuck energies). Emotion Code (finding and releasing trapped Emotions). Core 3 Healing (a combination of Emotion Code and table-top Constellation work, centering on Unification Thought concept of man).
Skype: lemons919