24+ Matching Support workshop

24+ Matching Support Workshop for 2nd+ gen. and parents, 25th – 27th November 2022:


Last month BFD-EUME organized a Matching Support workshop for 2nd+gen candidates of at least 24 years of age and their parents. The workshop was held in Neumühle, Bad Camberg and had around 35 participants from various countries in our region and even beyond. Through Zoom we could also have live talks from speakers who couldn’t travel to the workshop.

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MMM October

For October, we invited Maarten and Myra Meijer all the way from Korea and they joined us in the early morning!
We in particularly loved the emphasis on being purposeful in letting our spouse know what we love about them and our marriage, as well as how turning TOWARDS our partner in response to one of their “bids” is a precious chance for connection. If you missed the meeting, this is for you!

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MMM June

For this month, we invited David and Mitsue and they talked about “Intimacy”. It was very nice that they shared with us how they tackled this sensitive topic. We hope that this can help us take a step forward towards a happier and more fulfilling couple relationship.

Russian Version

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MMM May 24th

Our 2nd meeting in May, we invited Myrna Lapres, and as always, we had an interesting and very helpful talk. We really liked many of her tips including: being honest with ourselves, forgiving ourselves and loving our family members without judgment. If you missed it, check this out!

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MMM May 2nd

For this time, we invited Andrew and Uyanga Love and talked about “How we overcame postpartum depression together”. We hope this topic is helpful for you if you have or ever had a similar experience.
For those who missed the meeting or whoever want to see it again, here is the recording!

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Cosmic Blessing April 2022

Congratulations to all the newly Blessed couples!!
We would like to share the happy and beautiful moments from the Blessing ceremony with everyone. We had absolutely wonderful Blessing ceremonies in many different locations.
We had Blessing ceremony at 13 places in Europe; Germany, Austria, Albania, Latvia, Poland, Uk, Iran, Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland. Some couples attended in Korea, USA, Japan, and Singapore.


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MMM March

If you missed the MMM meeting, here is the recording! We hope you can discover your essence values, and this concept can help you understand each other better as a couple and go deeper into why certain values might be essential to you and your partner!!

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MMM January

Dear brothers and sisters! In January, Giuseppe talked about the topic “Conjugal love between transcendence and immanence”. It was indeed interesting to hear about balancing our lives, and our lives before blessing and after blessing. Check it out if you missed it!

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Interact February

“Know your What and Why, Surrender your When and How”        by Stephan and Diana Winter  “Interact” webinar for Blessed Children over 24 years,                     Saturday 5th February 2022

Stephan and Diana Winter are both in their mid-thirties and were Blessed in 2018 in Korea. Baby Lian was born last year.  They gave an uplifting and informative presentation on the topic of their path to the Blessing, which included many challenges. This was followed by a lively Q&A session.

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M&B Prep WS for BCs and their parents

EUME Matching and Blessing Prep workshop – for Blessed Children and their parents   
28 -30 Jan. 2022

Around 100 candidates and their parents participated in this online workshop. The theme was “Love – Life – Lineage” and the aim was to give a deeper understanding about the Blessing and also to support both candidates and their parents to prepare well for the matching.

The workshop began with some wise opening remarks from our vice-regional leader, Bogdan Pammer, who underlined the importance of preparation if we want to successfully adapt from living life as a single person to living as a Blessed couple.

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Matching and Blessing Handbook – new languages

Dear All,

We are happy to announce that we can offer our Matching and Blessing preparation handbook for candidates and parents now in 4 languages.

English Version download

Italien Version download

Spanish Version download

Czech Version download

Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Feel free to share it!

MMM video of May

MMM for this month, we invited Roger and Daniela all the way from USA. They shared about one of the very valuable things in order to keep a good relationship as a couple; how to communicate effectively. We hope their talk will improve your communication skills with your spouse/partner!

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MMM video of March

We had David Perry talking about very essential point of our teachings “Unconditional love”. If you couldn’t join us, or if you want to watch it again, here is the video!!

MMM video of January

If you want to know how dynamic marriage life is, here you go!! We had Stephen Stacey in January’s MMM and he talked about “The dynamics of Love and Beauty in Marriage”.

MMM video of July

Here is the recording of the last zoom meeting, “Becoming a Child of God” by Bayarma.


1. Chambumogeon
2. “True Parents as the only begotten Son and begotten Daughter” (Dr. Jin Choon Kim)
3. “Boundaries in Marriage” (Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend)


RYB composite

BFD-EUME held a “Refresh your Blessing” webinar from the end of June to the beginning of July. It consisted of a series of five evening seminars for older Blessed couples who want to improve their relationship in order to build a Holy Community of God-centered families. The target group was couples who had been Blessed for more than 25 years. The vision was to create a warm and embracing atmosphere where couples could take time to work on their relationship.

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Matching & Blessing Preparation Handbook For Parents and Children

Dear Blessed Families,

The EUME BFD put together this online booklet to support and guide Parents and Blessed Children on the way to the Matching and Blessing.
The booklet is available online and we will offer a hard copy soon as well.
Below you can read the introduction letter from the booklet.

BFD Matching and Blessing Handbook DOWNLOAD

On behalf of the EUME BFD staff,


30 Day Relationship Renewal Challenge

Relationship researcher and therapist John Gottman, has shown that relationships are strengthened when couples engage in 5 positive interactions for every 1 negative interaction. By taking on this challenge you’ll create an awareness about how you interact with your partner. Many of the suggested actions follow Gary Chapman‘s 5 Love Languages, so there is an action to meet the need of every partner! You may also begin interacting with one another in ways you haven’t in months, years or maybe ever. Sounds like a good way to add some spark to the everyday routine!

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Testimonies of the HN Tour

Male 26
Finally an open conversation about several issues that are going on. I am blessed and committed to have a very honest relationship with my wife but we have recently been talking to couples About intimacy and sex. People struggle with it and there is hardly any real conversation so I’m really happy about this program. Also we are very diverse group: 1st gen/2nd gen, blessed single that is a very good base for the future   Thanks a lot for your courage.

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