In Memoriam

This page honors the lives of beloved Unificationists who have ascended to the Spirit World. Click on the read more link to read about their lives.

“Our path of life is such that we leave this world where we received our parents love and we seek out the place of the love of God, our infinite and eternal parent. Embraced in God’s bosom, we form bonds of infinite life and love and return to the original homeland where we can live eternally.”  Page 692 CSG  


Giuliano Pintus

In Memory of Giuliano Pintus

Giuliano Pintus was born the 25th of April, 1948 in Carbonia, near Cagliari, Sardinia. 
Later, his family moved to Rome, where he joined the Movement, on December 1974, becoming one of the first members in Italy. Read more…


In Memory of Ute Schmuki

Dear Ute

On December 27, 2020 you left for the spiritual world.
Your energy became weakened and made your path arduous and your breath short. Read more…

Magdalena Stucki

In Memory of Magdalena Stucki

Magdalena Stucki was born on April 8th, 1948 in Oberdiessbach, Canton Bern in Switzerland. Magdalena studied German Literature and Language in Bern, where she got her University Diploma as a secondary school teacher. Read more…


Gwyneth Warner


In Memory of Gwyneth Mary Warner

Our beloved sister, Gwyneth Warner, has ascended to the Spirit World. Her memorial and Seonghwa Ceremony will be held at the Holy Oak Memorial Woodland Read more…


Simon Robinet

In Memory of Simon Robinet

Simon was born on 8 April 1933 in Petit-Fays (Bièvre) in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. He ascended to the Spirit World on 9 June 2020 Read more…


Andrew Johnson 1

 In Memory of Andrew Johnson

  Andy Johnson, our beloved brother, ascended to the 
  Spirit World on Monday 25th May at 6:15pm. Read more…



In Memory of Henry Masters

Henry Masters ascended to the Spirit World on Saturday 23rd May. He was truly a very special person who gave so much to support the Messiah’s work on this earth. Read more…


Wolfram Wiedicke
In Memory of Wolfram Wiedicke

On Monday 20th April at 5am, our beloved brother, Wolfram, passed away as a result of the deterioration of Parkinson’s disease. Read more…


Yuriko Grayson

In Memory of Yuriko Grayson

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of our dear sister, Yuriko Grayson. Read more…


Adele Conca 1

In Memory of Adele Placido Conca

Adele Placido was born on January 17, 1946 in Milan, Italy. Her husband – Alberto Conca – and their two daughters, joined the Unification Family in 1978 and receive the 360  thousand couples Blessing. Read more…



In Memory of Cosimo Galasso

Cosimo was born on January 15, 1962 in Turin, Italy. He joined the Unification family in 1985, in Rome. His generosity and indomitable spirit stood out since the beginning, always on the front line, keeping devotion and positivity. Reado more…


Chizuko Abe Picture new

In Memory of Chizuko Abe

Today, our British and European Family joins our worldwide FFWPU community in sending a great saint and dearly loved elder sister to the Heavenly realm. Read more…



    In Memory of Karl Mussy

    In love and gratitude we remember our dear and 
    beloved son, husband, father, father-in-law and
    brother Karl Bernhard Mussy (15.5.1961 – 16.3.2020) Read more…



In Memory of Michael Ledermüller

It is with great pain that we must inform you that our dear and beloved son Michael Ledermüller has passed into the next world in the early morning hours on March 4, 2020… Read more…

Mario Ferrario

In Memory of Mario Ferrario

“Husband and wife need to live a fervent, unchanging love throughout their lives. Even when they grow old, they must do so preserving the level of their past bond” -Sun Myung Moon Read more…



Elizabeth Ciacciarelli

In Memory of Elizabeth Schneider

Elisabeth Schneider is a French-born member of the Unification Movement that went to the Spirit World  at 11,05 of Christmas day 2019 in Bergamo, Italy. Read more…

2019 - 191104 - Antonio Fiore 2

In Memory of Antonio Fiore

Antonio Fiore, National Messiah to Poland and husband of Choo Fiore passed away abruptly on November 4th 2019, following a myocardial infarction. Read more…


In Memory of Guida Gindroz

I regret to inform you that today we have learned of the untimely passing of our extremely dedicated sister, Mrs. Guida Gindroz Read more…

Martin Deininger 1

In Memory of Martin Deininger

On August 29th, 2019 our brother Martin Deininger went to the Spirit world. He had been diagnosed with cancer in May 2019, after which his health declined rapidly. Read more…

Gerhard Mehlis

In Memory of Gerhard Mehlis

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of our dear brother, Gerhard Mehlis. Read more…


In Memory of Bernadette Sattlberger

It was a beautiful spring day, trees and flowers blooming everywhere, when more than 120 people gathered to celebrate Bernadette’s Seong Hwa. Read more…