Matching Process

Please read the details of our Matching Process below.

International Matching Website

Every Candidate who wants to be matched has to register on the international Matching Website and fill out all required fields and upload at least one personal picture. In order to be accepted on the Website each candidates needs a personal Matching Supporter which has to be confirmed by the national BFD leader.

The Introduction

This is organised personally through Blessed Family Department staff (Matching Supporters) who can liaise with their counterparts around the world. It is based on prayerful consideration of each candidate’s profile and personal history that have been submitted. A candidate should nominate a Matching Supporter, a person who knows them well and has their best interests at heart. The advocate will also be involved in the introduction process and communicating with BFD representatives.

The Seven Months

Having been introduced to each other, and with both parties accepting the introduction, there begins a 21-Day Communication Phase.

If the candidates agree to go further, they then are invited to begin a 25-Week ‘Heavenly Courtship’ Phase.

 If, after the 21-Day Communication Phase, they do not feel to go ahead, they can simply say ‘no’ and return to the Matching Candidate group.

In fact, at any stage in the Seven Months the couple can choose to say ‘no’. Having this opportunity is an important aspect of the process.

However, if after the 21 days’ communication they agree to go ahead, the couple can take the next 25 weeks to do the following:

  1. Pray and meet each other, communicate more, visit each other as much as possible and get to know their engagement partner.
  2. Win the heart of their engagement partner.
  3. Pray and reflect to understand if they want to make an eternal commitment to build a Blessed Family together, cherishing their partner with deep devotion and care.
  4. Come to a joint decision to be totally committed in their faithfulness to one another in their Blessed Marriage, ‘forsaking all others’.
  5. Make an absolute commitment to raise any children they have in an environment of true love, following the traditions of a Central Blessed Family, centering on God and True Parents.
  6. Think about making their commitment to growing together as a beautiful and dignified Couple, and to take responsibility for any difficulties they might face along the way of restoration.

At the conclusion of this 25-week period they will be contacted if they want to proceed  to make a commitment to be matched.

Finally the matching process concludes with:

Acceptance and Report

The couple’s names, profiles and pictures will be presented to the BFD Director who represents True Parents. With this, the couple can feel that their match is offered to, and approved by, Heaven. They then begin to prepare for the Blessing.